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Fees & Costs

Tuition and Fees

Students are charged following tuition and other fees. They are subject to change. Applicants are advised to confirm these with the university.

Entrance Examination Fee (JPY) Admission Fee (JPY) Annual Tuition Fee (JPY)
5,000 282,000 535,800

Living Expenses

Besides tuition and other academic expenses, the average cost of living in Yokohama is at least 100,000(JPY) per month. Please keep this in mind when planning your finances for your study at YNU.

Total 94,000 - 200,000
Item Monthly Expense (JPY)
Housing 10,000 - 70,000
Utilities 6,000 - 9,000
Meals 35,000 - 55,000
Phone & Internet 8,000 - 10,000
Insurance 5,000 - 6,000
Miscellaneous Expenses 30,000 - 50,000

Note: This program obliges all the YCCS students to enter the dormitory for their first year. This is because the program aims at training facilitators and group leaders and puts an importance on team work and group work as an educational basis.
The designated dormitory for students is called Minesawa International Student Dormitory and is located 15 minutes by walking from the University.
The date of dormitory admission will be informed in July with the official letter of admission acceptance.
Expenses for dormitory are approximately 10,000 Japanese Yen monthly including common service expenses.
As electricity and water bills are at your own expense, they vary depending on the season, but are approximately 5,000 to 10,000 Japanese Yen monthly.
From the second year onwards, the University helps you preferentially to enter the other student dormitory (Ooka International Residence). The boarding expenses are 41,000 Japanese Yen monthly. The price includes service fees for water and internet, while you have to pay a power bill. It takes about small one hour from the University, and is a little far compared to Minesawa International Student Dormitory. You may also have an option to enter a private apartment nearby the University.


The followings scholarships will be available in the YCCS program.

  1. (A) There will be YNU Scholarship (Y60 Scholarship) for the successful international applicants who will have a Japanese college visa (student visa). The amount of the scholarship will be 300,000 Japanese Yen (one time only) at the time of entrance to the YCCS Program at YNU.

  2. (B) There will also be the Japanese government (MEXT) honor scholarships available for the successful international applicants who will have a Japanese college visa (student visa). The amount of the MEXT honor scholarship will be 48,000 Japanese Yen monthly for 6 months after you join the YCCS program at YNU.

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