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List of Classes

The below is a tentative list of YCCS lectures and practice subjects. Note that there is a possibility that the name of these classes will be changed.

You will obtain 2-8 hour credits from each lecture or practice. You have to accumulate more than 124 credit points for your graduation by taking several classes through category (A) to (F), where there are more detailed regulations on enrollment and study program. There are also guidelines for your graduation in Japanese language proficiency, projects and thesis.

Curriculum Matrix of the YCCS Program

First Year Second Year Third Year Forth Year
Categories of Study Subjects Classes in English Main Classes are in English and Some are partially in Japanese Classes and Seminars in English or Japanese depending on class selection
First Year Second Year Third Year Forth Year
Intercultural and Global Studies
  1. (A) Multilingual Communication Education
  2. (B) Fundamental Education
Intensive Japanese language and Culture Intensive Japanese language and Culture Make up Classes for Business Japanese, Business English, and Academic English
Fundamental Education
  1. • International Laws
  2. • Japanese Culture
  3. • Japanese Martial Arts
Academic Culture & Skills
Business Culture & Skills
Special Education with ICT & Media Skills for Leaders and Professional Facilitators
  1. (C) Scientific and ICT Skills
  2. (D) Leaderships and Collaboration Skills
Fundamental Scientific and ICT Skills
  1. • ICT Media Skills
  2. • e-Learning, SNS and Cloud System Skills
  3. • Modeling Skills with Mathematics & Statistics
Instruction and Document Design #1/#2

Elementary Groupwork

Elementary Leadership Skills
Instruction and Document Design #3/#4

Advanced Groupwork

Leaderships & Collaboration Design
Teaching Internship

Final Project of Instruction and Document Design (#5/#6)

Evaluation of Leaderships and Collaboration Skills
Fundamental Education for Leaders and Facilitators
  1. • Multi-Cultural Communication
  2. • Groupwork Skills
Your Major Studies Your Major Study starts from 2nd Year in
 Urban Cultual Creation ,
 Urban Social Management ,
 Urban Creative Technologies .

You choose one major out of three, while the rest of two become your minors automatically.
Introductory & Elementary Classes Intermediate & Advanced Classes Graduation Thesis Project
Urban Cultual Creation
  1. • Art Theory
  2. • Literary and Visual Arts
  3. • Modern Art
  4. • Musicology
  5. • Philosophy
  6. • Subculture

    1. Further Advanced Studies Available in Japanese Language**
Urban Social Management
  1. • Business Administration
  2. • Comparative Culture
  3. • Economics
  4. • History
  5. • International Development

    1. Further Advanced Studies Available in Japanese Language**
Urban Creative Technologies
  1. • Concrete Engineering
  2. • Ecology
  3. • Environmental Sciences
  4. • Ethics for Engineering Technicians
  5. • Geotechnical Engineering
  6. • Geo-Sciences
  7. • Hydraulic Engineering
  8. • Structural Engineering
  9. • Urban Planning

Further Advanced Studies Available in Japanese Language**

**[N.B.]There are further advanced classes available in the areas listed above, which are taught in the Japanese language at YNU undergraduate colleges. YCCS students can take these optional classes if they meet the conditions of the Japanese language fluency and YCCS enrollment qualifications.

(A) Multilingual Communication Education

  • Intensive Japanese Language & Culture (Elementary Level)
  • Intensive Japanese Language & Culture (Intermediate Level)
  • Intensive Japanese Language & Culture (Advanced)
  • Business Japanese Language A
  • Business Japanese Language B
  • Strategy & Practice for Essay Writing in English
  • English for Business Application and Fund Application

(B) Fundamental Education

  • Inter-cultural Communication in Japan
  • City Dynamism Studies through Yokohama City
  • Community Studies & Local Activities
  • Japanese Culture and Living: Traditional & Modern
  • Home Engineering and Domestic Sciences in Japan
  • Language Instruction to Speakers of the Second Languages
  • Cross-Cultural Studies with Arabic Language & Culture
  • Legal Minds with International Affairs
  • Lifelong Learning in Sports
  • Japanese Martial Arts of drawing the Japanese Sword
  • Japanese Martial Arts of Judo

(C) Scientific and ICT Skills

  • Mathematical Modeling for Sciences & Engineering
  • Statistics Analyses for Business & Industry
  • Computer Programming
  • Literacy on Information, Computing & Technology
  • Multimedia Skills for Small Business and Home Business

(D) Leaderships and Collaboration Skills

  • Management of Cross-Cultural Group and Groupworks
  • Event Design for Business & Science
  • Pedagogic Instruction Design
  • Pedagogic Strategy on Project-Base Learning
  • Teaching Internship, Learning & Sociocultural Studies
  • Instruction and Document Design #1 - #6
  • Elementary/Advanced Groupwork
  • Elementary Leadership Skills
  • Leaderships & Collaboration Design

(E) Major Studies

Series of Urban Cultural Creation

Literary and visual arts, Music Arts, Modern art, Illustration and subculture, Video & photography, and PR & Advertisement, (more subjects to come)

Series of Urban Social Management

Economics, Business administration, Sociology, Business History, Comparative culture in Economics & Business, (more subjects to come)

Series of Urban Creative Technologies

Structural engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Hydraulic engineering, Urban planning, Concrete engineering, Ocean engineering, Geo-ecology, Survey, Civil engineering history, Ethics for engineering technicians, and Computer engineering, (more subjects to come)

(F) Major Practice

  • Pedagogic Instruction & Design Project (Required of 6 subjects)
  • Leader’s Intern & Instruction Practice (Required of 3 subjects)
  • Research Project for Graduation Thesis (Required of 1 Theme)

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