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Three Majors

YNU seeks adventurous, world-class students for the YCCS program. The program offers innovative interdisciplinary urban studies for you to become global leaders and professionals. The classes will be taught in English, but you will also learn the Japanese language intensively during their studies. You will be able to study the following three majors: “Urban Cultural Creation”, “Urban Social Management” and “Urban Creative Technologies”.

Through the program, you are expected to develop key skills for global leaders such as multilingual and cross-cultural communication, teamwork, leadership, project planning and organizing; as well as to acquire professional knowledge in their major subjects.

1. Urban Cultural Creation

You will study different cultures and artistic expression in this major, and attain skills in various media such as literature, cinema, and sound. You will also gain creative skills to produce global and innovative forms of art to become a leader in the urban cultures of tomorrow.

Study Subjects Eg.
literary and visual arts, music, modern art, subculture

2. Urban Social Management

You will study the nature of modern economics, enterprises and societies in this major, and attain social scientific knowledge, analytical skills, and understanding of different cultures and different historical experiences needed to contribute creatively to the multifaceted problems of the today’s urban environment.

Study Subjects Eg.
economics, business administration, sociology, history, comparative culture

3. Urban Creative Technologies

You will study urban infrastructure, ecology and the earth environment, and oceanography In this major, and become a specialist in either:
- design, construction, manage livable and disaster-resistant cities, or
- eco-system management, comprehensive regional and nature planning.

Study Subjects Eg.
structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydraulic engineering, urban planning, concrete engineering, ocean engineering, geo-ecology, survey, civil engineering history, ethics for engineering technicians, and computer engineering

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