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Objective & Outline

Let’s change the world together!!

  1. Yokohama National University (YNU) opened a new B.A. program in 2013 which has majors of “Urban Cultural Creation”, “Urban Social Management” and “Urban Creative Technologies”.
  2. The YCCS students will be taught in English in the early stages of their studies. After two years of intensive study of the Japanese language, they will start taking courses offered in English and Japanese. Therefore, the applicants’ proficiency in Japanese is not an issue at the time of their admission.
  3. YNU seeks adventurous, world-class students for the pioneering first cohort of the YCCS program. The program offers innovative interdisciplinary courses for future leaders in the areas of the above three majors with the aim of developing multilingual communication skills in English, Japanese and the student’s mother language.
  4. The students will be intensively involved in a number of project-based group-activities together with Japanese students and other international students.
  5. The students will also be offered special skills-training classes in leaderships, cross-cultural teamwork, ICT & media skills, and business arrangement skills as core subjects.
  6. The students will participate in Teaching Material Designs (6 topics) and Teaching Internships (3 topics) as an exercise for mentoring their juniors by using e-Learning and e-Business systems in both English and Japanese.
  7. Through the program, the students are expected to develop key skills for global leaders such as multilingual and cross-cultural communication, teamwork, leadership, project planning and organizing; as well as to acquire professional knowledge in their major subjects.
  8. Since the selection process is conducted on the basis of documents and video self-introduction submitted by the applicants, they do not need to visit YNU personally for their entrance examination.
  9. We strongly recommend the program for those who intend to pursue careers in international organizations and global corporations, since the program is specifically designed with such professionals in mind.
  10. The application period is from the beginning of November until the end of January.

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