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Announcement of Successful Applicants

Announcement of the YCCS Successful Applicants for the Admission in October 2018

Before reading the announcement

  1. The announcement of the YCCS successful applicants will be available to view for a week from 23 March 2018 in Japanese standard time (UTC+0900).
  2. Yokohama National University (the University) will directly send the official notification and enrollment documents only to the successful applicants by email.
  3. The successful applicants who wish to enroll in the program must complete their payment and paperwork for their admission by 19 April 2018. They must also submit the original enrollment and application documents by 7 May 2018.
  4. If the number of the successful applicants who complete their payment and paperwork by 19 April 2017 does NOT reach twelve (12), the second round of application may be announced and held in late April.

The list of successful applicants
for the admission in October 2018
in the YCCS Program

  1. The University will not reply to any inquiry for this announcement at all.
  2. There may be delay for the webpage announcement due to some conditions of the telecommunication and network usages.
  3. Due to circumstances beyond our control, this announcement may be suspended from the internet.
  4. If this website is viewed before the official announcement, it may be necessary to refresh the computer screen in order to view the most updated data.
  5. The University places this announcement only at this website. Therefore the university will not take any responsibility for any other announcement that may be placed by any third party at other information site or from other information sources at all.

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